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Welcome to anyone checking back here, just using the site for some tests for work we hope to do with the Kalahari Peoples Fund and Network in August -  - and with James' site - - which will see a facelift very shortly!









It's almost September 2010 and time for an update.

We have spent the last five weeks in South Africa and Namibia.  For the first couple of weeks we helped out with workshops for the Kalahari People, introducing Computers, the internet, writing for the web, Word, Excel, YouTube, Hotmail accounts  and lots of other stuff to those, who due to thier remotness from our Internet society, have not had the chance to get much "hands on" experience.

It went well with the Windhoek course being well oversubscribed - not a problem, just that they didnt get as much "hands on"time as we would have wished - they did, however, get twice as much writing encouragement - a major part of the plan as these guys will, over the next year or two, take over the editing of the website. 

Since our return to Simon's town, life has become more relaxed - especially with our move to Yanna's house (many, many thanks, Yanna!) with it's "best in Simon's Town" views of False Bay, the Dockyards and THE WHALES!


Morning viewing over False Bay

 Breakfast time on the Stoep


 And the results:

Here goes one .....


and another

and another ......



Big Splash

......and the splash!


 OK, could've been much better, but they are quite far away!  We do do see them in much closer but not the younger, more athletic ones.  The ones in close tend to be larger and more interested in mating - e.g. four or five males moving and rolling around the female which can go on for several hours but doesn't make for the most exiting photography though it is great to watch.


Back to Dublin this weekend and hopefully then some more photos to go up in the albums.


Thats's it for now though,

cheers, hugh




Some photos -
(click on the links to go to more albums)


Photo's from Peru (three folders inc. Machu Picchu)

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Photo's from the Mathison's farm beside Winchelsea (35)

Photos from the rest of Tasmania (74)

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Photos from Singapore (32)

Photos from the Bush Walk, north of Sydney

Photos from Hong Kong (39)

Photos from Guilin, China 

Photos from Japan

Photos from Glen Dhu farm, Ouse, Tasmania


Our Site is mainly for keeping you up to date on our Round the World Trip, so have a look at Maps, RTW Trip  for a map showing where we are off to, and we'll try and keep you informed of our activities in the "Latest Stories" tab to your left.

Just noticed "Acknowledgement"page has dissappeared, will correct and tidy up photos shortly as well as add more.

Here are also some links to older photo albums that are already up on the web - Photo Gallery


So there we go! Enjoy!